Sunday, September 2, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

~ Last Edited: 1/2/08

Question: Why were you named "Delicious Fansubs?"
Answer: Pretty much the only reason is that we love to provide you with yummy subs. ^^

Question: I can't watch the videos on Veoh!! Can you send it to me through email or something?
Answer: No. We don't make exceptions at anytime.

Question: Omg you're so slow!! Can you hurry!?!?!
Answer: If you can not deal with our pace, go wait for someone else to sub it then.

Question: Why didn't you respond to my email?
Answer: Either because we did not read it yet, or that if you were smart enough, you would know the answer to it, or that it's in the FAQ.

Question: Will you sub "insert drama here?!?!?!"
Answer: Honestly, it's really up to our team if we want to sub that drama.

Question: May I join your fan subbing group?
Answer: No, you will not be given a permanent job, but you could help with dramas as a TEMPORARY "insert job here."

Question: May I upload your hardsubs on a streaming media site such as CrunchyRoll, MySpace Video, MySogu or Youtube?!
Answer: NO. Never upload ANY of our hardsubbed videos on any streaming media site. Not only does this offend us, but as well delays upcoming episodes.

Question: Someone uploaded your hardsubs on a streaming media site without the account "Delicious Fansubs!"
Answer: Please report this to our email which is

Question: Why isn't your recently released videos uploaded on Veoh?
Answer: Either because we are in the process of uploading it, we are having some technical video difficulties, or we are putting it aside for a while and working on a project because we want it done asap. Please DO NOT panic because the video WILL be uploaded in about 1-3 days it was completed.

Question: Why do some of your dramas in "Upcoming Dramas" have "SP" on them?
Answer: That means "Side Project." Which means that if we have spare time, we will work on that project.

Question: Will you do It Started With A Kiss 2?
Answer: No, because Intangible Fansubs is subbing that drama.

Question: Are you still subbing Romantic Princess?
Answer: Yes. If you haven't noticed, we have been updating the Romantic Princess post and you can see that we're making lots of progress and etcetera.

Question: Do I need to know Chinese (Mandarin to be specific) to join the DFS?
Answer: No, but if you want to be a translator, obviously you need to lol. Timing, editing, and quality controlling doesn't really need Mandarin, but since you'll probably be doing those jobs quite often, you'll probably learn a little as y0uRfaCe is learning little by little lol.

Question: Why does it take so long? What does converting, translation, timing, editing, quality control, and encoding mean?
Answer: Converting is changing the video type from .rmvb/.rm/.rvmb into .avi. Translation means to change from one language to another. Such as in our case, Mandarin to English. Timing is syncing the english subtitles onto the Chinese Subtitles/Dialog so that they appear at the same time as well as can be listened to and read. Editing is the process by which you fix spelling, grammar, & such. Quality Control fixes any left over mistakes that the Editor did not do and as well checks if the timing is correctly done. Encoding hardsubs the video so that the subtitles are on the actual video file & the encoder uploads the video on streaming sites (but in our case, only Veoh). Trust me, we're trying to go as fast as we can with diligence to make our subs the best we can. =) It is a VERY long process.

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